Get Your Head into the Cloud [Infographic]

Cloud adoption is reaching critical mass, with 70% of businesses either using or exploring solutions. 60% of organizations list the cloud as their top priority for 2014, is your organization one of them? In this infographic we’ll define what the cloud is, and what benefits it can offer your business. We’ll look at cloud adoption trends and use cases. And we’ll outline a four step plan to help you get your head into the cloud. Cloud Computing Infographic: Get Your Head into the Cloud

Cloud Computing Infographic: Get Your Head into the Cloud
Ready to wow your network with your knowledge of the cloud? Here are some “out of this world” cloud facts ready for you to share:

  • 70% of businesses today are using or exploring cloud computing solutions, w/ 60% listing cloud as their #1 priority >Tweet This!<
  • #DidYouKnow the cloud is a network of 50 million+ servers sharing info @ 200,000x the speed of your home connection? >Tweet This!<
  • 80% of companies have seen increased productivity and overall improvements within 6 months of adopting cloud computing >Tweet This!<
  • 67% of IT Professionals already use Cloud Services & Applications and 38% use a hybrid of private & public clouds. >Tweet This!<

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  • Jessica Legg

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for providing that added insight! We are working on additional cloud related content at this time and your feedback is valuable. We have a white paper coming out soon, and are developing materials to assist IT Pros in building the case and planning for a cloud migration. Would love to hear your thoughts on what you’d find valuable. Thanks for your comment!


  • Michael Elling (@Infostack)

    The article should at least make mention that the cloud includes everything we know as the internet, including content and apps, which today bring far greater scale to the enterprise clouds than many appreciate. Just look at the size of Google, FB, Amazon and Netflix alone. Further the cloud becomes the basis upon which all the communication networks (wired and wireless will run). All of these elements are interconnected with the enterprise clouds. The cloud will only grow bigger and begin to envelop the edge as 4K content, increased mobility, and 2-way HD collaboration explodes over the next decade. That’s the real fight going on behind the scenes between Netflix/Comcast, et al….